Heart In Vain (Orchestral Theme) by Andre Kerek

Broadjam Artist: Andre KerekSong: Heart In Vain (Orchestral Theme)Broadjam Pro Reviewer: Doug Diamond (Music Supervisor, Engineer, Producer, Composer )Pro General Comments: Hi Andre -Thanks for letting me review your excellent song, “Heart In Vain (Orc…

Andre Kerek

Broadjam Artist: Andre Kerek
Song: Heart In Vain (Orchestral Theme)

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Doug Diamond (Music Supervisor, Engineer, Producer, Composer )

Pro General Comments: Hi Andre -Thanks for letting me review your excellent song, "Heart In Vain (Orchestral Theme)". As you know, I was already somewhat familiar with the piece due to your having submitted it for consideration to some of my open music licensing opportunities on Broadjam. At the time, I noted its quality and asked you for a link to move ahead in the process of pitching your song for some other possible placement situations. Note that I have pitched your song to a music library that I work very closely with and they are interested in it and will be in touch with you soon with a non-exclusive agreement (they are currently backlogged, thus the delay). So that is some good news! They really do like the track. This means that eventually, once brought into their catalog, your song could find its way into other possible sync scenarios that you may not have considered... for instance, they work with not only indie films and television productions, but also video game developers, web promo folks, retail, and radio, so it's hard to say where your track could end up eventually maybe even in more than one place. That's the great thing about working with an active library. You would get paid either via sync fee(s) and/or P.R.O. (performance royalties) depending on the usage of the song. More information is in their agreement that you will have soon.As for some general comments about the song, I really like it and find it reminiscent of some of the music from great films I like. The arrangement is exquisite and very fitting for what this song needed, so great job finding people who could take your song and make it shine. It has sort of a nostalgic sound that I very much enjoy and find gives it its own unique flavor. It puts me in mind of some of the great music you'd find in some of the old Hollywood films. On that note though, I can see where this song could work as-is in a variety of newer productions too. One way that that could happen is if you were ever to work with a highly-skilled "remixer" - someone who could take this mix as you have it and add more contemporary beats and loops to it to give it a more modern flavor. This is something I'd consider doing... having the best of both worlds - old and new / just a thought. That's really the only creative tip I can think of for your song. Find the perfect remixer type person could be challenge, but they're out there. Doing that though could help you bridge the gap on some more new, cutting-edge type of video productions that might not want the nostalgic sound your track has necessarily. Anyway, something to consider.

Quote From Pro: "Heart In Vain (Orchestral Theme)" is an excellent film score type theme that sounds like it stepped right out of 1940s Hollywood and yet still could be utilized in today's plethora of modern sync situations. Congrats Andre on a great piece of music. Well done!

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