Dance by William Smith

Broadjam Artist: William SmithSong: DanceBroadjam Pro Reviewer: Doug Diamond (Music Supervisor, Engineer, Producer, Composer )Pro General Comments: Hi William -Thanks for letting me know about you and your song, “Dance”.In general, I like it. Well done…

William Smith

Broadjam Artist: William Smith
Song: Dance

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Doug Diamond (Music Supervisor, Engineer, Producer, Composer )

Pro General Comments: Hi William -Thanks for letting me know about you and your song, "Dance".In general, I like it. Well done. Are there a few things that might be improved upon? Sure. We'll address those as much as possible.Coming from a production/engineering/technical background (I'm a mastering and mix engineer as well as a music supervisor), the production value of the recording is usually the first thing I notice. In the case of "Dance", personally, I think it has excellent production value. The recording is nice and clean-sounding - and professional. In my world of sync placements and licensing see, it's the artist's own recording that gets used (versus someone re-recording a really great song... that does/can happen, but usually not in the indie music/placement industry), so therefore the original recording has to be killer and be every bit as competitive as a major label artist/song might be.I did notice this though, which I thought was odd: Is that a cough at 2:42 and 2:51? It's probably not, but I'd remove those personally, as it's distracting should be simple to do so.I think the song itself is very solid. Really good songwriting and an excellent hook/main melody. I think it's very memorable, so nice work there.I do think the title is a little forgettable though. Simple yes, but it's also a very popular music genre, so when I saw it first thing... I thought "Oh, it's a Dance song, but... what's the name of it?". Make sense? I'd add the bit in parenthesis if it were me: "(All You Gotta Do Is) Dance" just to differentiate it from the genre type. Simple is good, but confusion isn't.I like the lyrics a lot too. I can tell you've been doing this awhile as you haven't made some of the same mistakes that new writers sometimes make. I wouldn't change anything there.Also, I like how the song actually has a final ending, versus a fade-out. Very cool - and - creative. It just sort of wraps-up nicely.The song length is good too... not too long and would make it easy for someone like me to pitch it to my clients it's not a 6-minute opus, you know?Love the drums. I'm a drummer, so I can definitely appreciate what you have here. Great playing. Is it you or someone you brought in? Very cool either way. To me, these do *not* sound "1980s", they sound modern.If it were about 1990 or so, I think this song could easily be a radio hit for a major artist - as a re-record/re-make of your version.Speaking of that, I think what you have here is an excellent demo that you could use to pitch to artists to try and get someone to cut it if you want to go that route (no changes necessary to do that).Let's address your questions below.

Quote From Pro: "Dance" by William Smith is the best '80s song that the '80s missed out on hearing. Seriously, it's a really great song with excellent musical performances and production value, great lyrics, and a memorable hook. Nice job!