Tomorrow final 5B by Collaborations

Broadjam Artist: CollaborationsSong: Tomorrow final 5BBroadjam Pro Reviewer: Jason Miles (Producer, Keyboardist, Arranger)Pro General Comments: Wow did this catch me by surprise. I was not expecting something that I was totally going to love the minute…


Broadjam Artist: Collaborations
Song: Tomorrow final 5B

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Jason Miles (Producer, Keyboardist, Arranger)

Pro General Comments: Wow did this catch me by surprise. I was not expecting something that I was totally going to love the minute I heard it. Everything that I like about song form and songwriting is in this song. The chorus is great, the verses are really good and timely, and the performance is really good. Without criticizing I would've spent a little more time on a couple of the little pitchy moments but otherwise it was really pretty spot on. The harmonies were tight And it seems like all the instrumentation was together. The guitar really came off nicely whoever played that and the bass really sounded good as well.. I would like to have her a little bit better of a mix of the drums and make them a little more contemporary sounding. Definitely something to pump up the volume there as far as the sound of the drums. All the arrangements fit in very nicely with the strings and the horns. I particularly like the blend of the two vocalists. They seem very comfortable singing with each other and they each had a great enthusiasm of delivering the song. I think that the mix is acceptable but I think that without hurting anybody's feelings there are some mixed engineers they could probably take this song to the next level. I didn't really hear the dynamics inside the instruments and separation that I would like to have heard to give the parts a little bit more distinctiveness. I felt the keyboards were kind of lost in there. These are all things so that can be addressed. The most important thing is that you've got a really good song sung really well and very convincingly that the artist here knows what they were doing and knew how to put it across. These days when you have six people writing a song and it all seems not connected at the same place everything on this song connected and the song form in a traditional format really worked well. So there you go I don't know what else I can say except I hope you will take the advice about the mix and I wouldn't sit on this song I think there's something that could be done with it for sure. Congratulations

Quote From Pro: What a real pleasant surprise to be asked to review a song like this not knowing what it is but knowing that within the first 30 seconds there was something really great happening here. It's unusual to get such a professional product being submitted for review but this definitely is worthy of a five star review. I wish collaborations a lot of luck getting this out there it's a song that works in today's Global environment