Dallas by Charles Edmund Carter

Broadjam Artist: Charles Edmund CarterSong: DallasBroadjam Pro Reviewer: Nikki Hornsby (Songwriter, Artist, Producer, Arranger)Pro General Comments: I am listening a few times on different days to “Dallas” but I get a question for this song that comes …

Charles Edmund Carter

Broadjam Artist: Charles Edmund Carter
Song: Dallas

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Nikki Hornsby (Songwriter, Artist, Producer, Arranger)

Pro General Comments: I am listening a few times on different days to "Dallas" but I get a question for this song that comes to my mind, did you work in a studio with other producers arrangers etc. to record this especially proven engineer or producer? What I may suggest is you try to record this song over once again to demo out for whatever direction your goal for the song aka product maybe. The business in my opinion is to polish with any completed song towards a marketable product. I believe when you know the cement of anything finished and dried, you may post online and it is there forever. Know that it should affect your choice to post when first impressions to anyone in the music recording business is, are, and always will be important as competition is very brisk. I know the best that I as a professional can do may always be improved which is the artist view but I want to learn to improve my own work substantially over the years as I have songs from many years ago I never have demo'd because it is as important to me as would be the final cut for things. Labels choice to release a song is usually another reason. Retrospectively I really believe in artists and writers of all kinds and would like you to keep writing. I hope you listen to as many other styles of songwriting in music & lyrics plus listen to many other vocalists and musicians live or live online as often as you are able in order to draw strength and conviction. Learning in life of any quest never stops and for making any product to improve is in the mind of most artists and their hearts too, and then once it's (p) then you will have to let it go and go forward. The only time to return to a song is unless you want to change the genera or have your work(s) covered by other artists. My reviewing original songs is to help everyone to step forward as I was guided all along in my life long work listening to professional awarding winning songwriters of Oscars, Emmy's & Grammy's in the music recording business. Understand fashions in all things change but keep polishing the stone until it shines brightly to everyone is worth the hard work.

Quote From Pro: As an artist of many years in the music recording industry I am still learning to improve my abilities of the Craft be it musically or to be lyrically proficient. The concept of your song "Dallas" I understand. Maybe a collaboration with another songwriter may show you some new way of construction the ideas of any song or give you a different perspective too. There is potential in 'Dallas' as it's close to Fort Worth (joke but true) and not near Austin easy due to the climate at times.... So besides this bad city reference I used the worth of our song writing maybe in all in consumers requests. Again, I know you know all pro reviewers have their own opinions different than another. Some are based on or by their years of experience and knowledge. Looking forward to reviewing another song of yours too. Thank you and continue writing!