The Dancer by The Silvers

Broadjam Artist: The SilversSong: The DancerBroadjam Pro Reviewer: Joe Vitale (Producer, Songwriter, Drummer)Pro General Comments: WOW…..Really diggin this song. Lately new music has lost a lot of what you’ve captured here. Great vocals….great harm…

The Silvers

Broadjam Artist: The Silvers
Song: The Dancer

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Joe Vitale (Producer, Songwriter, Drummer)

Pro General Comments: WOW.....Really diggin this song. Lately new music has lost a lot of what you've captured here. Great vocals....great harmonies and arrangement. I love the dynamics of the intro.... Drum fill...bam... vocal in !!! The chorus is very 'Eagle-ish' and it also has hints of the group America. You really have something here....I'm singing the chorus after the first time hearing it...That is a winner !!!!It's got mass appeal and a sing-a-long quality for days !!....That's what hits are made of. It's got all of the necessary elements for a great song but not any type of 'cookie-cutter' formula...meaning that it's really creative and well thought out !! This style has always been a great vibe and easy to listen to. let's get a little deeper into this...I love the use of the 'oohs'....If we're talkin Eagles, they need to be a little louder..They used them like an additional instrument. When I toured with them, I sang backups as much as played instruments. so...The verse and chorus oohs should come up in the mix a little. I have one thought that I kept hearing as I listened...After the first line of each chorus I found myself singing an answer line...."Up down, turn around spinning like a merry-go-round" (ANSWER)- "Up down turn around / Up down turn around" just a thought, but I trust first's also the type of vocals the Eagles would do....GREAT for 'sing-a-long' !!! "But let my tears fall on the dance floor too"...GREAT LYRIC !!!...Might be the general theme of the song....One thing I might mention...This song would make an incredibly beautiful VIDEO !!!! Now-a-days all the media help you can muster is extremely helpful !!!As far as instruments...good choice all around...One thing is missing for me..I'd like to hear an acoustic (Eagles') type strum throughout the song...Eagles had 3 guitar players....all amazing....3 different player (different at times) would always have an acoustic on and strumming that signature sound of theirs while the other 2 would be on electrics. It's like musical 'glue' when the acoustic is added. !!!Let's now talk about the mix...Overall pretty good. In today's musical community, bands and solo artists have the ability of recording great demos and masters at home...that being said, it raises the bar considerably !! I think you have done very good with your only suggestion would be an overall slight boost in the high end....also, if an acoustic is added as suggested, it would give a nice 'glistening' to the entire mix !!!

Quote From Pro: Great job everyone !!...It's nice to hear a brand new great song to listen to and sing-a-long with !! I believe The Silvers have hit one outta the park with "The Dancer" BRAVO !!!!