Broadjam Artist: MGBSong: COLD LONELY HOUSEBroadjam Pro Reviewer: Doug Diamond (Music Supervisor, Engineer, Producer, Composer )Pro General Comments: Hi MGB -Thanks for letting me know about “Cold Lonely House”. I can’t recall a song written about the …


Broadjam Artist: MGB

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Doug Diamond (Music Supervisor, Engineer, Producer, Composer )

Pro General Comments: Hi MGB -Thanks for letting me know about "Cold Lonely House". I can't recall a song written about the loss of someone and the empty space that person leaves in another's life. A very unique idea. I applaud you for the creative aspect of the approach it takes in dealing with the issue. After hearing this song several times, all I can say is 'Wow, that is HEAVY'. But it is... and only in a good way from a songwriting standpoint. I really love this song. From my perspective the man singing just lost his wife to a disease/illness (based on the lyric in the Bridge - "And I know they did all they could do"). Heavy. Heart-wrenching. Sad. Distraught. Life. This may be the best song I've heard that portrays the helplessness and loss one would feel in that situation. Absolutely unfathomable how sad it is - and it happens everyday... where literally all you can do is hit your knees and pray to God nothing else would fill the void.For the subject matter and creativity, I'd give this song an A+. Same for the lyrics and the singer's ability to render it in a way that feels REAL. A+ for production value and all performances too. Crystal-clear sound and is mixed very well. Somehow, in all of that heartache, you've still managed to write a memorable main melody / hook too, which is amazing.Even though, I personally have not gone through this scenario in life, I can imagine how I would feel if I lost my wife - and this song NAILS IT.Unbelievably good job overall. Nothing to add or take away from my perspective. I would say this song is ready to go and would be a perfect heavy-hitter for the right scene in a film or television show - bringing the audience to tears. It's ready... finding that 'right fit' is VERY DIFFICULT from a music supervision standpoint, so having this song in the right catalog or with the right publisher would be key in my opinion. Radio would probably like this song too - because so many people have gone through exactly what this song speaks to.Very well done and congrats on what might be a perfect song about loss and the feelings it would no doubt bring to those left behind.I will try to keep it in mind in my future music sync placement endeavors in case I ever run across the perfect fit for it. It is highly specific, but because of that the perfect sync spot does exist, it's just a matter of holding out until is shows.Thanks and great work!Best,Doug

Quote From Pro: "Cold Lonely House" might be the perfect song you hope you NEVER have to identify with: the loss of a loved one - and the emptiness one would feel thereafter. Excellent vocals, lyrics, production, and melody creates a one-of-a-kind, very unique song that is dripping with detail, describing exactly what it must feel like to lose someone close to you where every mundane detail in life - is now dreadful - because that person is gone. Well done. A+ overall.