Like A Mountain by matt taylor

Broadjam Artist: matt taylorSong: Like A MountainBroadjam Pro Reviewer: Tirk Wilder (Songwriter, Performer)Pro General Comments: Like A Mountain – Matt Taylor 062815Nice ballad. Love song for your lady?You have a great melodic feel, as usual. And I lik…

matt taylor

Broadjam Artist: matt taylor
Song: Like A Mountain

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Tirk Wilder (Songwriter, Performer)

Pro General Comments: Like A Mountain - Matt Taylor 062815Nice ballad. Love song for your lady?You have a great melodic feel, as usual. And I like hearing songs from the standpoint of rawness, just you and your trusty nylon strings.I need to state at the outset that you have limited your chances of getting it picked up by a publisher just by dint of the fact that it IS a ballad. Most (I dare say ALL that could do you any good) publishers are lousy with ballads. But more on that in a second.Some of these lines are strong and could be left as is. I'll come back to that, too, but first I want to talk about song form.If you are looking to make this song stand on its own, there needs to be some kind of repetitive theme somewhere that is the reason for the whole song. You only have your hook, your title, ONCE in the song. Your second Chorus contains a completely different lyrical content than the first, and my ear found that confusing. If this is a song you want to use in live performance, I would suggest repeating the first chorus in that slot, getting your hook in there again. THEN, maybe take the lyrical content of the second chorus and make it into a bridge instead. Maybe with a whole new melody and chord structure, even.Then, I might consider changing the melody of the verses ever so slightly. For instance. The word "know" ends up as an "E" note. Okay, make the word "grow" turn out to be a G# or a B. Some small variance every other line that eliminates the possibility of monotony.Small suggestions: "loving you it made my life begin," ditch the "it". No extra unnecessary syllables.The line "My love will weather through" could be better as "My love weathers through".The line "like a mountain I go to the sea" bothers me because, for the life of me, I can't recall any reports of mountains suddenly barging into the sea. Mountain STREAMS REACH the sea... Mountains don't "go to the sea". You could try something like "until the mountains sink in the sea," and I might could buy THAT.Okay, so, summarizing:Change the arrangement to be Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, (NEW) BRIDGE, Chorus and out. The Chorus should be the "Like a Mountain" passage, and the Bridge will be the "I'll find you in the sky" passage, with a new musical structure behind it.Some thought should be given to tampering with the melodies in the verses for the sake of variation.Get it so it's worthy of the "by Matt Taylor" statement, and you'll have something to expose to music libraries, like Broadjam, and many others online and see if you can get a "license to use" purchased.I might also suggest to you that you consider becoming your own publisher. You may as well. You're doing everything a publisher does except sign the forms.Las Vegas, huh? Cool.

Quote From Pro: Matt Taylor will capture your senses and take them on a nice, smooth ride.