Broadjam Artist: SAMSARA.Song: AWAKEBroadjam Pro Reviewer: Doug Diamond (Music Supervisor, Engineer, Producer, Composer )Pro General Comments: Hi guys -Thanks for sending “Awake”. Tons of energy on this one too. I dig it. Great production value and per…


Broadjam Artist: SAMSARA.

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Doug Diamond (Music Supervisor, Engineer, Producer, Composer )

Pro General Comments: Hi guys -Thanks for sending "Awake". Tons of energy on this one too. I dig it. Great production value and performances again on this song, similar to "By Your Side". You-all are a very talented, young band. One thing I noticed when looking up the lyrics to your songs (by Googling them - source Musixmatch), it does list the songwriter(s) at the bottom of the page. This song lists only Dylan as the songwriter. Guys, I would suggest that you split all of the songwriting credits (and therefore the songwriting royalties) evenly, instead of just one of you getting essentially any/all royalties, per song. "By Your Side" just listed Brendan as the writer instead of the whole band. The problem with this arrangement is that even though you do have one main writer of any given song, ALL of you contribute your parts to it to make it what it is ultimately. It should go without saying that not *every* song will be a success, so because of this, the successful songs will make the most money and that writer will get the bulk of any royalties, leaving the rest of the band out of the picture, which can breed animosity and bitterness (it's only human nature). Maybe you guys already know this and what I'm seeing on Musixmatch isn't correct, I don't know. Just my 2-cents... split the songwriting royalties evenly as well as the publishing, no matter "who does what" in a given song. It will balance out and everybody will be making the same $$ - on the successful songs and all the others. I hope you don't mind that bit of advice, but I've seen it break bands up when one guy is making all the bank, you know? Everybody does their part and contributes something and should be recognized for their work, so in my opinion, each should get a fair share.So on this song, while I do like it and love the energy, it doesn't have as memorable a hook/melody as some of your other songs. That's not a bad thing necessarily, just something I noticed. The first thing that came to mind on this one, is that it might be a really great song for a video game, in the right context... both with or without the lyric/vocals. You definitely should have an instrumental version of this song ready to go too (fully mastered like the main version with the vocals). This is because sometimes sync opportunities work better with an instrumental version of the song in certain contexts. In the case of a video game, it could go either way... I like the vocals, but you never know if the lyrics will fit in with what's happening on-screen. We have an Action Sports Video Game opportunity that we run from time to time that it might be perfect for that developer. I also would not have a problem pitching it for Sports TV - like Fox Sports, etc. We pitch songs and place with them often. For those types of things, the main hook/melody isn't quite as big a deal as the overall feel and energy a track has. I'd be happy to send this one along for that and see what comes back from them, if anything. They may like it...Again, great work on this and do consider the songwriting thing I mentioned. I would like to see you guys succeed and for that to happen, so many things have to align correctly, but ironing out the financials is super-important, if you haven't already done that. Have a band meeting and talk about it. There are good courses out there that you might consider taking so that you understand how it all works.Best of luck to you now and in the future and keep up the excellent work!Doug

Quote From Pro: "Awake" might be a perfect fit for Sports TV or a high-action / high-energy video game soundtrack. Excellent performances and production value make this song an obvious pick for the right sync situation. Good job guys!

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