I Can See The Day by Peter Boynton

Broadjam Artist: Peter BoyntonSong: I Can See The DayBroadjam Pro Reviewer: Doug Diamond (Music Supervisor, Engineer, Producer, Composer )Pro General Comments: Hi Peter -Wow, what a cool tune. Thanks for telling me about it. Love it. This is the only s…

Peter Boynton

Broadjam Artist: Peter Boynton
Song: I Can See The Day

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Doug Diamond (Music Supervisor, Engineer, Producer, Composer )

Pro General Comments: Hi Peter -Wow, what a cool tune. Thanks for telling me about it. Love it. This is the only song of yours that I'm aware of hearing and to me, it sounds like a very edgy, Hard Rock song - and I was surprised to see you are more of a Country writer (if I understand correctly). Pretty crazy! This song though, is really, really good. The production value - all instrumentation and the arrangements, as well as all performances are just spot-on. It sounds like something that could easily be on the radio, as far as the quality goes. Good job on your production of it for sure. Also, good job on the songwriting. I really like the overall theme of the song and the main melody/hook it has as well. It sticks with me after I finish listening to it, which is a great thing to have your song be able to do. I'd be interested to know if this is your first foray into writing Rock, or if you've just had more success with Country? I gave your song the highest ratings in all categories because it deserves it. I only took off a slight bit on "Quality of the Lyrics" - not because anything was 'wrong', but because I would have loved to hear a version of the Bridge with lyrics. Don't get me wrong, I really like what you have for the Bridge, but it's too short. I'd keep the instrumental part, then have another couple lines after it, maybe repeating/building on the instrumental bridge idea. I think the story/plot/idea of the lyric really needs some further revelation during the Bridge - something that explains what the singer is going through. That's the only thing that's missing in my opinion. I like the idea of the dystopic thematic song... for sure... I could hear it in a "Hunger Games" scene, or something similar (for instance). It is an original piece (meaning unique). One of my favorite bands is Imagine Dragons. It kind of reminds me of some of their songs too. The thing that's always bothered me about their songs though is that I don't feel like the production and quality of the recordings and mixes are as good as they should be, given the artist and their reach. They're huge! Your song, however, the production value seems complete. Nice job. I like the dynamics it has: laid back verses, building pre-chorus, and huge choruses/hooks. Overall, this is an excellent submission and I'd like to help you however I can. Couple ideas I heard... man, I LOVE the percussion at the end. Maybe have an alt mix of this song with more of that stuff going, front-and-center. So good. Also, when the song's ending, before the percussion, I am kind of hearing a slow-down/triplet/slow-down thing, like you're shutting off the engine, kind of. Does that make sense? Might be cool. Kind of a chug-a-chug-a-chug thing at the end. Just a thought.

Quote From Pro: "I Can See The Day" is such an excellent song on every level. I could definitely hear it in name-your-favorite dystopic TV show or film. The quality of it is stellar. It deserves to be sync licensed for sure. Nice job!