Farewell My Angel (Femme Vocal) by Andre Kerek

Broadjam Artist: Andre KerekSong: Farewell My Angel (Femme Vocal)Broadjam Pro Reviewer: Diana Williamson (Songwriter, Music Supervisor)Pro General Comments: Dear Andre:Please note: I don’t comment on quality of individual instrumentation as my exper…

Andre Kerek

Broadjam Artist: Andre Kerek
Song: Farewell My Angel (Femme Vocal)

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Diana Williamson (Songwriter, Music Supervisor)

Pro General Comments: Dear Andre:Please note: I don't comment on quality of individual instrumentation as my expertise delves more into overall performance, marketing, melody, etc I could picture this song in a movie set in a different era to really give it a setting it needs. I could picture the Wizard of Oz- in the beginning, Judy Garland's grandma is washing clothes and singing as she works in the sunshine and she's singing this song. It would fit there. If you can picture that type of scenario. There is always a good demand for these type songs because the market is flooded with modern pop/dance stuff. Older stuff is harder to clear so if you have a song that could fit days gone by- you've got a gem for pitching. Even the title "Farewell My Angel" bespeaks days from the past. It is a good title, summing up your emotions of the song.It seems to have an element of theatre in it as well, the drama and visual lyrics seem to cry out for a theatre setting. You may want to think about this. All you need is a good vocal and piano for this. The demo gets your point across but for film/TV it may need a better demo which is pretty easy to do nowadays inexpensively. This sample of Broadway songs may give you an idea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOoYJ8bLHp4You may want to play around with a few words in the third verse to make your story clearer. You set up this dramatic longing by the singer in the first verse and then continue explaining how they were shy and regretted not moving forward. But then in the third verse it seems to tip around completely and say that the singer broke his heart. Make sure your story is clear for your listener. A little more clarity will give the listener closure to your story. I am left wondering if I should feel sorry for the singer or angry that they carelessly broke someone's heart?You have a great rhyme scheme going throughout which is good. The repetition works in the chorus but it would be 50% better if you could introduce a second new rhyming line. Something that sums up the story or gives us more resolution.. For eg- Farewell my angel, my heart you couldn't keep, My journey's long and now I must sleep, Farewell my angel, I'll no longer weep, You let me go and now........ fill in the blank...(it wasn't meant to be?).... If for eg- you have the singer- sad but realizing the person they loved didn't really deserve them because they didn't fight for them- and they are just realizing it wasn't meant to be- then you have a more interesting story. So give it more drama/dynamic and resolution.Your melody works, it has a flow. It is memorable and catchy. You open nicely, very dramatic. The lyric "I still recall the name of your street" is a great line. It's haunting and original- very good. It sets a tone. Which is why I am not sure if you want that percussion coming it. It seemed to distract from the interesting mood of the song. It feels a bit brash and took away from the initial mood. You had set up a real nice vibe of lost and longing and then the drums come in with an almost happy aggressive vibe which seems strange and not fitting. I would stick to the nice vocal piano. If you wanted to go more modern you could, but it would require a whole more modern treatment and arrangement. Which is why I'm suggesting to play to your strengths and give it an old school arrangement - good for film/TV and theatre.Nice work with some polish it could work well as a pitch for theatre and /or film/TV.

Quote From Pro: Farewell My Angel has a dramatic flair which would work well in theatre or film/TV looking for a song with a romantic tone from the past.

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