Facebook Addict by Randall Mark

Broadjam Artist: Randall MarkSong: Facebook AddictBroadjam Pro Reviewer: Doug Diamond (Music Supervisor, Engineer, Producer, Composer )Pro General Comments: Hi Randall -Good to hear from you again. Yes, “Facebook Addict” is a unique idea for a song, so…

Randall Mark

Broadjam Artist: Randall Mark
Song: Facebook Addict

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Doug Diamond (Music Supervisor, Engineer, Producer, Composer )

Pro General Comments: Hi Randall -Good to hear from you again. Yes, "Facebook Addict" is a unique idea for a song, so good job there. I mastered a song for a band awhile back called "Facebook Famous" which is I guess the next step after that... once you're addicted and then become really known for it. So people are definitely focusing on the addictive nature that is social media. You've done a good job of capturing that idea in your somewhat humorous / somewhat a-little-too-close-for-comfort lyric for certain folks, where it really has become an addition or problem. Without getting off into a diatribe about addiction or at least people who have those tendencies with just about anything, I do think your song does capture a certain desperation of people who will do or at least consider doing anything to "get that fix". All in all, I do like the concept and feel that it shows promise, however, I'd definitely address a few things before putting this song in more of a final form.The first thing I noticed other than the lyric/idea of the song was that the melody or hook seems almost identical to "Wonder Girl" (or Boy). When this happens, you run the risk of pigeon-holing yourself and your songwriting style. Because people who know your stuff will think (or say) something like: "All of his songs sound the same". You know? Be careful of that. To me, right now, this song's melody/hook are "Wonder Boy" with different lyrics. I'd definitely have a look at that and see what you can do to change the melody itself so that it's not so close to the other song. For instance, if you think of your songs as your kids, you wouldn't want your 2nd kid to look and act just like your first one, right? They're not meant to be twins in this case, I don't think. To me, it's the same song at the moment, but with different lyrics. So that is a fairly major issue... If I hadn't heard "Wonder Boy" first, then I might think the opposite if I'd heard this one first, but right now, to me, they are interchangeable, melodically. Work on that one for sure...My next thoughts are really more about once you've addressed that, then "now what?".If this song had a broader appeal, meaning, more "universal" where everyone could relate to it, I think that would make it much better. Right now, where people might realize they have an addition to FB, they wouldn't compare their use of it to hardcore drug use, stealing, losing their families over it, and some of the other extremes you mention. So, because you're talking about those things in the song, it is sort of funny in a dark sense of the word a kind of black comedy - because this guy is so ridiculously addicted to FB that he'd go to all of these extremes just to satisfy his addiction. Very sad, but kind of stupidly funny if someone did that in real life, which... who knows. However, people don't usually go to that extreme either and those that do have other kinds of serious mental health issues too, not just addiction. So, it's a fine line to walk... keeping it funny without it being over-the-top where no one can really identify with it or making it unbelievable, lyrically. I hope that makes sense. You don't want it to be so ridiculous that the listener thinks not only, "that could never be me", but also you don't want them to think "NO ONE could EVER do that". At that point, it's gone past the point of no return and it doesn't really maintain it's sense of humor - and just becomes unbelievable. It simply MUST have a strong element of truth in it all the way through so that people can really identify with it. Also keep in mind, many people HATE Facebook. Others have never used it. So this song would not be identifiable to those. How can you draw in those people? Just something to keep in mind. Maybe verse one needs to be about his normal life, and then verse two and three can be about how he went from that to giving in completely and giving up everything he loves to get his fix.[MAX CHARACTERS EXCEEDED]

Quote From Pro: "Facebook Addict" is a (sad but) funny story about a guy who has literally given in to his addiction and lost everything he cares about in order to satisfy it. It might be a little too close for comfort for some folks, but it does a good job of capturing the power of addiction and taking it to the extreme of what could be possible within the human psyche.

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