‘so d tingo’ (It is wat it is) by Groovie Selecta

Broadjam Artist: Groovie SelectaSong: ‘so d tingo’ (It is wat it is)Broadjam Pro Reviewer: Diana Williamson (Songwriter, Music Supervisor)Pro General Comments: Hi there.Please note: I don’t comment on quality of individual instrumentation as my experti…

Groovie Selecta

Broadjam Artist: Groovie Selecta
Song: 'so d tingo' (It is wat it is)

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Diana Williamson (Songwriter, Music Supervisor)

Pro General Comments: Hi there.Please note: I don't comment on quality of individual instrumentation as my expertise delves more into overall performance, marketing, melody, etc The structure of the song is very good, it moves and keeps your attention, it has a good flow. So you know how to structure a song which isn't always easy for everyone. I like the title- it is straightforward, simple but also is engaging, philosophical. I like the bell sounds at the top, it opens up the song nicely. It gives a good contrast to the intense vocal.The vocal is intense and the arrangement seems to work for the song as well. I'm not too sure about that "child-like" vocal in the very beginning (7 second mark)- it seems to take away and be distracting to the song. Although the other BG vocals do add an interesting layer to the song and help bring it to life. Very nice layering. Also when you are pitching a song hoping to get it placed in a film or TV show, any voices that may not come from you, can make a music supervisor uneasy as they don't take chances on people they don't know if there sounds like a sample that is used, that may not be cleared. Another words the easier you make it for them, the better your chances.It is a good song. If you want to elevate it some more- which is why I'm hoping you are asking for a review - as it is always great to ask an outside person to get some objective feedback. We can't always see or want to see what needs to be done in our own work. I would say that a slight change or build to the chorus - a bit more of a melodic change up, escalation would make it more enthralling to a listener.You want your listener to walk away singing your song and you do make it catchy, but perhaps you could make the melody a bit less repetitious so that your listener can remember it and sing it. That's when you know you made it catchy and it is really working. But it does work as is, just something to keep in mind. Not sure if you wanted a bridge but adding a bridge that takes your song away from the intensity can also be a good trick to keep their attention. Something totally fresh to break up the dynamic. You have a way with bg vocals, perhaps an acapella part?It is helpful to include a lyric when you pitch, and it is hard for me to make out the words, however the flow works and so you are certainly on the right track. From the description on your page it appears that you picked a very good theme to sing about. The songs that come out of what we really feel needs to be said, can be very good when we are stirred by something versus a formula song. And those songs seem to touch people more which is what a songwriter hopes for.Since you write in the Reggae/ Caribbean genre I would pitch your songs to film/TV that use this type of music. Make sure you have releases for any people that helped out on the track and mention this when you pitch. You have a niche market and music supervisors are always looking for this type of material, especially if you can say you have releases for everything. Good luck with your art and keep up the good work!

Quote From Pro: Groovie Selecta delivers an intense, heartfelt reggae track that could spice up the right movie or TV scene.