Fairy Tales by VALEXIS

Broadjam Artist: VALEXISSong: Fairy TalesBroadjam Pro Reviewer: Doug Diamond (Music Supervisor, Engineer, Producer, Composer )Pro General Comments: Hi Valexis (Ana?) -Thank you so much for letting me know about this great tune of yours. Excellent all-a…


Broadjam Artist: VALEXIS
Song: Fairy Tales

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Doug Diamond (Music Supervisor, Engineer, Producer, Composer )

Pro General Comments: Hi Valexis (Ana?) -Thank you so much for letting me know about this great tune of yours. Excellent all-around. I've known and worked with Mark Zubek off and on for years and have even done a radio interview with him. I have incredible respect for him, his talent, his label, and his work, so great job bringing him in as the producer on your song. Great fit!Well, where to start? I love this song... excellent craftsmanship for sure. It appears you wrote it all yourself. Is that right? A firm grasp of song structure is apparent, as is great lyrics, and the all-important "it factor", which I think this song has.Fantastic hook/chorus! This may be the best aspect of this song - and that's saying quite a bit. The music production is superb from start to finish, a-la Mark Z. I don't think I'd change a thing with anything there.I really like how the Bridge changes things up quite a lot - very nice.Lyrically, you're spot-on too (thanks for providing those in your profile). I could suggest a couple things lyrically that I thought of, but they're not really "gotta fix" issues... it's really more, if you want to address it, I think it'd make the song that much better. I feel like the pre-chorus may have the words "killing me" in it too much... it's mentioned four times in two lines. I'd probably use a different word once or twice. Maybe "destroy" or "wasting", or "debilitating", or some other word(s) that mean similar things, just to give some variety. And having the word "autocracy" in there - how brilliant is that? You also have a few other 'sophisticated' words in there too - meaning, for Pop music, at least. "Capsizing" and "mesmerizing" - both excellent choices for lyrics too - and they work well.I like how this song really kind of has darker-type, "downer" (from an emotional standpoint) lyrics - and yet - the chorus is really a Pick-Me-Up and makes you feel good listening to it. How's that possible? I'm not sure, but I guess it is!Another idea: "Fairy Tales" is good as a title, but I'd consider something a tiny bit more memorable maybe something like "Fairy Tales (Your Autocracy)" or something like that with the parenthesis, giving people a little more to remember. Just an idea...Vocally, I feel like they are very well-done for the most part. There is a place or two where I think some slight tuning might help - or - perhaps one more take singing those spots not much though and I'm being nit-picky about it. I think it's 98% excellent, but there's a little more room to make them that much better, if that makes sense.Overall, excellent work! Not much I would change about this song at all. It's really pretty much 'ready to go' in my book. I know you have submitted it for a few things of mine, sync-wise already and know that we've already pitched it for some things. We'll keep our fingers crossed, but my guess is I know at least one catalog that will reach out to you about "Fairy Tales" and want to get it added into their system asap. The lyrics are a bit specific for many types of sync scenario/placement opportunities, however, just the right sync thing *has* to exist somewhere out there, for this song.Hope that helps, and feel free to write me if you have any other questions.Thanks!-Doug

Quote From Pro: VALEXIS' "Fairy Tales" has one of the coolest Pop hooks / choruses I've heard in a while. Excellent songwriting craftsmanship and production value. Great job! A must-hear!

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