Wonder Girl by Randall Mark

Broadjam Artist: Randall MarkSong: Wonder GirlBroadjam Pro Reviewer: Doug Diamond (Music Supervisor, Engineer, Producer, Composer )Pro General Comments: Hi Randall -I really like your track, “Wonder Girl”. I think the title is very unique and memorable…

Randall Mark

Broadjam Artist: Randall Mark
Song: Wonder Girl

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Doug Diamond (Music Supervisor, Engineer, Producer, Composer )

Pro General Comments: Hi Randall -I really like your track, "Wonder Girl". I think the title is very unique and memorable, so good job there. I instantly thought of a super hero - but it turns out that's not at all what it's about he's wondering about a girl he's fond of and what a future with her might be like. Very cool double-meaning. I think your lyrics are excellent (it would've been nice to see them on your B'jam page). I like your vocals, both the lead and BGV's overall, but I'm wondering if a different vocal might be good to hear too. I feel like your vocal is okay, but it doesn't really "knock it out of the park" for me. You really need that with a lead vocal performance because that's often what the listener connects with on an emotional level (the vocal and the melody primarily). If you had an alternate version of the song with a different singer, I'd like to hear that one too. The lyric is fluid enough that you could even have a girl singer singing about "Wonder Boy" instead - if you found the right female singer. Just an idea. For sync, having that option is REALLY helpful because you don't know what show and character might most identify with the song, so you really need both versions. For instance, if the song fit a scene with a girl actress wondering what life might be like with her "Wonder Boy", you wouldn't get that sync unless you had a version of the song coming from that perspective too (or there would be a request for that and you'd have to make a hurried version of it, which might not be as good). It's always a good idea to be as prepared as possible for those types of requests from producers and editors.I really like your arrangements and instrumentation in general. I'm a drummer and percussionist though, and it sounds like this song was not cut with a "click". It feels a little bit "drifty" meter-wise at times (not always), which sort of bothers me a little, honestly. I think having the right drum loop (or live kit) that comes in later into the song, might be really cool - and would help develop and change the song enough to keep the listener's interest a little more than it already does. Again, just an idea. I also feel that the rhythm guitar could be a little more "in the pocket" rhythmically too. I really love the piano and woodwinds, how they sound, and what they're playing - super!I think you have a really good demo here that is almost ready for prime-time, but still needs a little bit of work in order to take it to the next level. Keep working on it. It's *good*, but it's not quite reached the level of GREAT yet (in my opinion, take it or leave it).I do think that with a few tweaks, it could perfectly match the exact, right sync situation - like a scene in a TV show or film. Of course as a music supervisor, finding that situation, is a little like a needle-in-a-haystack scenario, but it certainly COULD happen. I have the place for the song I'm trying to find the match for, not the *song* that I'm looking for a place for. Make sense? It's the opposite of what most musicians/artists think.Keep up the great work and please stay in touch. Send me an email if you would and I'd be happy to consider pitching it for something, should the right thing come along. Let me know if you decide to rework anything with the song that might make it lend itself to sync pitching even more than it already does.Thanks so much!Best,Doug

Quote From Pro: "Wonder Girl" is a terrific original tune that brings to mind super heroes (when the actual subject matter is not that at all - a nice surprise!). Great lyrics and excellent arrangement. Love the piano and woodwinds! I think this song might work in the exact, right sync opportunity even with its very specific lyrics. Nice job.

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