Yesterday (Featuring Bryan Harkness) by Tim Sharp

Broadjam Artist: Tim SharpSong: Yesterday (Featuring Bryan Harkness)Broadjam Pro Reviewer: Nikki Hornsby (Songwriter, Artist, Producer, Arranger)Pro General Comments: If there were ever a song writer submission to Broadjam that I would stop my tasks in…

Tim Sharp

Broadjam Artist: Tim Sharp
Song: Yesterday (Featuring Bryan Harkness)

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Nikki Hornsby (Songwriter, Artist, Producer, Arranger)

Pro General Comments: If there were ever a song writer submission to Broadjam that I would stop my tasks in the office to listen it is your song. Your production work is prime as I listen focused on hearing precisely good work like I do too when judging the Grammy's every year. I am impressed. Again I must say Bravo! This is a follow up release and not the one that would grab attentions. I gave you a suggested title too because the titles are never copyrightable you know and do a search engine on songs with that single word title. In picking titles you might have consumer searchers crossing over for another download from someone who thinks it's your song and it's an old or another one unrelated to yours. The title search helps but World of Yesterday maybe also used before but research is warranted if you'd want.

Quote From Pro: Grateful I am for that truth in the professional music recording industry. I learned to judge talent for many years taught by a great gentleman named Cliffie Stone and he was impressive to me. So I continued with the honor of judging the Grammy submissions to the Top Five where my vote is my responsibility like all the others honored to judge. Here I am reviewing another great song among so many that you have produced in the past. I am honored to listen. Focusing on finding faults I found not one but I'm not the know it all of perfection. Oh, if anyone says they are run for the hills! I understand that my Grandpa was an A&R man for Columbia Records before I was born and discovered lots of outstanding talents in his day like Bessie Smith who Billy Holiday was listening to at that time. He was very famous in his day as a singer songwriter & musician too in the music recording industry and I've still got a long way to go. I DO promise you that I've heard and I'm still learning all the world of change in music worldwide. Tim, YOUR work is good and of course it's the consumer that needs to buy it for that exact reason if that's your goal. So take your writers hats off and put on the business of product marketing and sales to reach the fans of country music like you have written so honestly. I am a fan and appreciate your asking me where to possibly go and what to do to promote yourselves. It's like any consumers product - it takes time and money - or if you want it from corporations that could tie your work into theirs machine ... from film to internet and more it's money profit & loss base. Possibilities in business are endless and the only thing you need to have is to know you are good at your craft and you have created great intellectual property and for this, Tim, you should be proud as I am to have you reach out to me once more. God bless and I am here when you get to the Grammy Level for your submission as I will hear it before your name appears on the top five in that category for this I am certain. Sincerely with respect, Nikki

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