Someone like you – Studio Demo by MoBack

Broadjam Artist: MoBackSong: Someone like you – Studio DemoBroadjam Pro Reviewer: Diana Williamson (Songwriter, Music Supervisor)Pro General Comments: Please note I don’t rate individual instrumentation since my expertise lies more in marketability, ly…


Broadjam Artist: MoBack
Song: Someone like you - Studio Demo

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Diana Williamson (Songwriter, Music Supervisor)

Pro General Comments: Please note I don't rate individual instrumentation since my expertise lies more in marketability, lyric, melody, and overall performance.Again you have a nice vibe going on in your songs. Uptempo, positive songs are usually the type artists are looking for. The recording has a good energy and beat. Good choice in production.In the prechorus - the vocal seems to be going down on the phrase "I'm moving up"- the verse should build tension in the pre- to explode in the chorus. If you are singing about moving up- the melody- phrase should move up as well.Find a great co-writer to help you make your lyrics shine. I like the ideas and concepts you are going for- but they are a little off in English. Such as "divined emotions", "loving fever"- not really something we would say. Lyrics call for everyday speech and this is a bit awkward. I'm surprised the vocalist /producer didn't tell you this.When you say "I've never met someone like you" - tell us why- why are they one of a kind? We want some more details to really care. Make us interested. Are they for eg- the first one who really listened? Finished your sentences? Like the same things as you? Love your quirks? Right now that person- "someone" is a bit vague. The more details- the more interested we become.In modern songs and more and more in movies- the audience likes to see a strong woman. When you ask your subject "to not back away" - but then say you are devoted to them- you risk making the singer look weak. Why would you give someone devotion- if they haven't "yet" returned the same emotion? Just something to think about. It's a little confusing.The chorus could have a bit more contrast- in the melody- it feels a bit too close to the verse/pre chorus. You really want it to build and stand out.The singer has a nice attitude to bring out your song. She projects a good energy to help sell your ideas.Once again- try to look for that fresh lyrical angle- to really make the song as best as it can be. You are doing all the right things- it's just a natural evolution of fine tuning things. Keep up the good work!

Quote From Pro: Songwriter has a good instinct for upbeat tunes.