Out Of My Tree by Jason Montero

Jason Montero

Broadjam Artist: Jason Montero
Song: Out Of My Tree

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Todd Herfindal (Songwriter, Musician, Producer, Engineer, Indie Record Label)

Pro General Comments: Strong lead vocals with emotions that come across as real and palpable. The lyrics are introspective, observational, philosophical and thoughtful. The arrangement has some unexpected qualities, like how the percussion-driven quiet verses pair nicely to the louder, more aggressive choruses. The female sounding background vocals are nice compliment to the strong lead singing. All in all the mix is strong. Most of the elements within the mix can be heard and identified. There are a couple moments in the chorus where the lead vocals get a little buried or too low in volume. "BUILDING <(too low in volume) cages when I long to be free" "GIVING <(too low in volume) is easy. . salvation is hard." Raising the vocal volume in those moments and/or adding some light compression to even the chorus vocal volume could help. This is the kind of track with the super loud choruses and quiet verses. . where adding some ambience like reverb or delay to the chorus lead/harmony vocals could help add to the drama of both musical sections being so dramatically different. It could help make the chorus stand out even more. Just a production idea for you to consider. The vocal FX could be subtle or not so subtle. You would need to experiment to see what works best. I mostly hear 90s Alt. rock influences, which at this point fall under a classic rock category, so your style attributions are spot on. I really enjoyed the track. Best of luck! . . .and keep up the good work!

Quote From Pro: Jason Montero has got a real knack for crafting thoughtful, observational, philosophical lyrics that touch on universal themes. It's refreshing to hear real ensemble musicians doing their thing well.

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