Because of you (home recording) by MoBack


Broadjam Artist: MoBack
Song: Because of you (home recording)

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
David Weiss (Music Supervisor)

Pro General Comments: Hi, thanks for your submission! I know the craft of songwriting is important to you. I heard a lot to like, as well as many things to improve (mostly production-wise), in "Because of You." I really appreciate the positive sentiment in the song, and the unbridled joy it projects. The chorus represents such an upbeat embrace for the listener to dig into - it feels like permission to just go ahead and love someone as much as you want, with no boundaries. The world needs more songs like that!Your voice communicates the message very authentically, which only adds to the power of the lyrics throughout the song. Yes, the demo sound of it is definitely there! Thanks for letting me know that. I was honest in my downgrades on the instrumentation, just so you know what I think needs improving. But I understand it's only a demo, not meant for Prime Time. Did you do all the programming and instrumentation yourself? If so, that's pretty impressive -- feven though I believe there's room for improvement, that's a tough feat to pull off and adds to what you can potentially accomplish as a songwriter. There are also four seconds of silence to start the recording, make sure that gets shaved off.If you wind up keeping the song for yourself, I would recommend re-recording "Because of You" with a full band to let its natural exuberance come shining through! Do you know what artist you have in mind for this song? I'm curious if you've got a particular singer/artist that you think would be ideal to pick up on this.

Quote From Pro: An unabashed tribute to the pure joy of love!

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