Teardrop in the Rain (vocals) by Mary P. Carter

Mary P. Carter

Broadjam Artist: Mary P. Carter
Song: Teardrop in the Rain (vocals)

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Robert Dellaposta (Writer, A&R, Publisher)

Pro General Comments: very dark and melancholic. sad and lonely singer prays for rain so her lover won't see her cry in the rain.good prosody. the song is slow but your melody kept me interested.the chorus rhyme could be stronger...i would not use A rhymes especially after ending the verse with A rhymes.this song might find a home in a music placement company or music library for movies and television...this will work for the UK and Ireland as well as Appalachian country in the USA. speed it up a few more bpm's .I like the unpredictable phrasing and chord progression...very emotional and moving...The piano sounds great and adds a lot to the arrangement but be careful in making it too busy...in this genre simplicity is a major factor. You want the listener to focus on the words and melody not on the piano accompaniment.

Quote From Pro: Mary Carter has the talent and skill to write a unique blend of Americana folk with Celtic influences. She can take a song of heartbreak and sorrow and make it interesting touching and emotional and show a ray of sunshine that offers hope. She is not jaded by commercialism and cookie cutter formula songs. Her music is real and the listener will be moved by its innocence and honesty.

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