This Means War by Mary Jennings

Mary Jennings

Broadjam Artist: Mary Jennings
Song: This Means War

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Jonathan Weiss (Music Supervisor, A&R)

Pro General Comments: Chorus is recognizable and overall has noticeable sectional contrast between verse and chorus sections. Verse and chorus melody are pretty similar in tone in terms of being in the same dynamic range and melodic structure. Chorus is pretty strident sounding in terms of the lyrics themselves (this means war) and the delivery which is somewhat aggressive in tonality. Pretty innovative background vocal arrangement which has the ability to soften up the more aggressively styled lead vocal phrasing and overall tone. Instrumental track and overall production is contemporary sounding and has current sounding percussion, bass and keyboard samples being used. Bridge section also helps to break up the verse and chorus sections. Vocal rhythm during verses is pretty staccato sounding which also moves it towards a more aggressive and familiar sounding style.

Quote From Pro: Contemporary sounding arrangement and confident sounding vocal delivery make this song an appealing relationship based song that has an overall current sound.

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