Disconnected (II) by Mary P. Carter

Mary P. Carter

Broadjam Artist: Mary P. Carter
Song: Disconnected (II)

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Malik Williams (Producer, Artist, Engineer, Composer)

Pro General Comments: Hi Mary!Thanks so much for the opportunity to review your work! First off I'll say.. Nice song! It was a bit of a throwback for me... and that's a good thing. I chose Pop as a gene/category (because there's only one choice, but I can hear that classic R&B soul influence in your voice as well. Your soft, but confident delivery and tone resembles that of the classic Epic Records singer, Lulu! I was immediately reminded of her performance of the classic song, To Sir With Love. I also hear a hint of Mary Wilson of that same era.The lyrics are pretty straight forward and your melodic progressions blend well with the arrangement, that is well done.My constructive comments are Overall, I feel this song could use some additional instrumentation and production, although, the recording of the instruments, vocal sound, and mix is clean. The acoustic drums and timing is tight, but I kept wanting to hear the bass line move more in the pocket to drive the track and groove more. Even having the natural bass sound sustain as it would between notes with natural fingering techniques. That would give this track more of an R&B groove. I'd say, the same goes for the piano performance. Just for fun, you could add some guitar wah-wah to really funk it up! It would add a little more coloration to the mid-range of this song to better bridge your vocals with the lower frequencies in the mix.Again, I'm just lending some production ideas to consider, be it this one or a future project.Nevertheless, the title and chorus of this song gets the message across. That is extremely important if you're considering any film and tv placements. I hope these comments and constructive advice is helpful... Keep writing, and good luck with this song! All the best!!

Quote From Pro: Mary P. Carter's voice is pure and authentic. Her soft delivery and tone resembles that of the classic Epic Records singer, Lulu!

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