O King by Ellen Hayes

Ellen Hayes

Broadjam Artist: Ellen Hayes
Song: O King

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Robert Dellaposta (Writer, A&R, Publisher)

Pro General Comments: As a praise and worship song this is well crafted and can be arranged to fit any time slot that the church service needs...two minutes to four minutes. 4:39 is a little long for a live performance in my opinion. This type of song can be used by a soloist in the choir or by a Christian artist with a music ministry. It's moving and stirring. The choir adds just the right musical bed for you to embellish and adlib on and you did so very professionally. The track sounds great...just when it was starting to become predictable you changed it and made it interesting. Musically except for the length I give this an A+. Lyrically is fairly common. I'm not seeing anything in this lyric that hasn't already been said thousands of times in thousands of other praise and worship songs. To going down of the same didn't work for me...till the ending of our day sounds a little more conversational. for being clothed in our right minds? That's not something that people usually say when thanking the lord so i'll give you credit for an original line. For the breath in our bodies is a good line.For our heart beating at the proper time isn't working because there is no improper time for a heart to be beating in my opinion. If we had ten thousand tongues, Lord we couldn't thank you enough, oh)Lord We Love You, O King 4x why only 10,000 tongues why not ten million? You're our provider and we love you lord...you're my provider only speaks for you. Keep it we and our etc. It's true he is known by all the names you listed. This is typical in most praise and worship songs. Lyrically this may serve your purpose if you have a ministry but these common lyrics might not grab the attention of other Christian artists looking for something new to sing. It's a very uplifting song and there really is no incorrect lyric when praising our lord. It's my job to point out lyrics that I think could be improved.

Quote From Pro: This is a very authentic and stirring praise and worship song that showcases Ellen Hayes' enormous vocal abilities. It would not surprise me to hear this song sung in a movie or in a television scene involving a church service with the choir singing.

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