Fall out of Love by Daniel


Broadjam Artist: Daniel
Song: Fall out of Love

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Diana Williamson (Songwriter, Music Supervisor)

Pro General Comments: As you probably know- I don't comment on instrumentation as my expertise lies in overall vision, marketability, lyrics, hooks, etc..I accidentally had 3 versions somehow playing at all different times at once and thought there really needs to be some new arrangements to this song- ha ha.. Til I realized what was going on...it was my fault...Good rhyme scheme from the outset, important- for the catchy factor. Strings come in nicely. Vocals compliment the vibe of the song. If you had time to experiment,- adding a female bg vocal might add a nice dynamic?The arrangements work nicely, building the ebb and flow in all the right places. You know when you are reviewing and nothing "stops you" that the song is solid. It just flowed in all the right places. This is one of the hardest things to achieve- so you are definitely on the right track.My only suggestion- is that it is a tad hard to follow the lyric at some points. Perhaps it's a mix thing? It doesn't really bother me though and I'm a lyricist -because the flow feels so good.To me -for a song placement - (the era of the movie)- I can see girls dressed up like Pat Benetar (vibe) but it can also go more modern. But the good thing about this is- if you have a song that fits a time period from the past- you have less competition- as others are trying to write the more modern and flavor of the moment tracks. Also uptempo songs are easier to place- and even though it has a "sad topic" it has an "up" feel- so this will help you in placements. Good luck and keep on writing! You have all the necessary tools.

Quote From Pro: Boisterous feel good rock song would fit nicely in a club scene/for film/TVplacements.

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