Heal Me by Christopher Yamsek

Christopher Yamsek

Broadjam Artist: Christopher Yamsek
Song: Heal Me

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Joe Vitale (Producer, Songwriter, Drummer)

Pro General Comments: Hey Christopher....Thanks so much for sending me this song to review. I do remember meeting you....I've listened to it a few times now and it really grows on you !! This story can be told forever it seems. No matter how you say it, it hits home with so many folks !! I especially love the instrumentation. It fits the lyrics and mood so well. This is a great vibe and so easy to listen to. BRAVO !!

Quote From Pro: "Heal Me" by Christopher Yamsek is a very moving song. It in itself is very healing as you listen to the lyrics. We ALL need a song like this to hold on to. We ALL have need for healing on all levels. I believe Christopher has something very special here....Something we should all hear and hold close to our heart...Well done my friend !!

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