Fall out of Love by Daniel


Broadjam Artist: Daniel
Song: Fall out of Love

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Robert Dellaposta (Writer, A&R, Publisher)

Pro General Comments: attention grabbing toe tapping building spirited rousing vibrant rhythmic pulsating rocking grooving optimistic fast grooving positive confident pop rock uptempo radio friendly song. I love your vocal. It's very well done. lively in tune with high energy and lots of emotion. I couldn't understand all the lyrics and that was disappointing because i really wanted to hear the words that went along with these great melodies. I kept waiting to hear the hook but i only heard it once and it wasn't in the chorus. If it was there it was covered by the guitars and drums...nice chord changes...really well done demo as far as overall commercial sound quality. I would prefer the vocal be a little more out front to make the lyrics easier to understand. The arrangement was unpredictable but that kept me interested and I stayed interested till long after the song was over. The melody stuck in my head. This is very radio friendly.

Quote From Pro: Daniel has the vocal chops and the musical skill to be a force in the pop rock world. His voice is full of emotion and his melodies are catch and memorable. I will not be surprised to hear his songs on the radio or his music in movies television and commercials.

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