revenge by max quaini

max quaini

Broadjam Artist: max quaini
Song: revenge

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Robert Dellaposta (Writer, A&R, Publisher)

Pro General Comments: The hook revenge didn't fit the positive uplifting vibe that your music sends. Revenge brings to my mind a darker more sinister vibe maybe using minor chords and a more pulsating groove anticipating impending pain.these are important points when choosing a song title. For the reasons i stated I think Sweet Revenge is a stronger hook and fits the mood of your music better. You are developing your own style which is a good thing...keep breaking your level of comfortableness. What I mean by that is keep trying new things and stay in the red danger of overheating zone. It's a lot more fun to take chances and break down self imposed boundaries. The break down section is a good should try to double the speed of that guitar lick the second half,show off your finger speed. The overall mix is very strong.I love the melodic theme.Theme and variations,what a concept,it still works after hundreds of years. This is a very commercial song that should find a place if you pitch it to music libraries and music placement companies for use in movies television commercials video games etc. Your production quality sounds very professional (mastered) There are several places in this arrangement where you can be unpredictable. Regardless this sounds great. Experiment and try as many options as you can. Record 15 second cues, 30 second cues, one minute edits with a hard ending and full tracks. The percussion and bass line need to be every bit as unpredictable as your guitar lead. The house is only as strong as it's foundation. Build it from the bottom up.

Quote From Pro: Max Quaini is quickly developing a unique style based on original catchy memorable melodic themes. He has the talent and skill to be a guitar virtuoso who will leave his mark in the music world.

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