Stand by me – Cover by Junior


Broadjam Artist: Junior
Song: Stand by me - Cover

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Diana Williamson (Songwriter, Music Supervisor)

Pro General Comments: Dear Junior:Wow. I really like the intensity of your performance. You have a great feel and timbre in your tone, especially in the softer moments. This is a great song choice - it suits you, which is half the battle. You can definitely make this into something and I think it's really smart of you to ask about it. Have you ever heard Somewhere over the Rainbow by Israel (it became a huge hit- it was all about that slinky- mysterious vibe - And you have an intensity kinda similar- it hits the nerves- which is great. You may also want to check out Julian Lennon - to see if there is anything you can learn from his styling.

Quote From Pro: Vocalist has a great heartfelt intensity,

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