do you think you are a star by max quaini

max quaini

Broadjam Artist: max quaini
Song: do you think you are a star

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Robert Dellaposta (Writer, A&R, Publisher)

Pro General Comments: Max, This was a difficult song to evaluate.If i had to describe it as a color it would be red,solid red from beginning to end.There were no other shades or colors involved in the song.That's why i chose fire storm as an appropriate title. The energy level didn't drop from the downbeat.The loudness meter stayed in the red throughout. This type of song would be great to use in a short scene in a movie where lots of frantic action was taking place such as car chases and violent fights etc. Music supervisors look for contrast in tempo, energy, instrumentation, arrangement, sounds, effects. The only variation came from the lead guitar playing various melodies which were good. The length of song was good for commercial radio. I was waiting for a part B to show more color and contrast but it never materialized. For what it is I can see this being used in ringtones,commercials, advertising,background music in movies and TV, segue way music, sports, exercise workouts etc.There should be plenty of leads in Broad Jam to pitch this. I'd like to see you experiment a little more and get out of your comfort zone. Take a few more chances musically. Don't play it can be predictable and predictable can lead to complacency with your listener. Keep them guessing. Be surprising. You have the skill.

Quote From Pro: Max Quaini is a rock and roller pure and simple. His love for rock music shows in his guitar playing virtuosity. His music is high energy and very commercial.

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