Legacy by Michael Kawka

Michael Kawka

Broadjam Artist: Michael Kawka
Song: Legacy

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Diana Williamson (Songwriter, Music Supervisor)

Pro General Comments: FYI -I don't comment on instrumentation as my expertise lies in overall vision, marketability, lyrics, hooks, etc..Good melodic opening, mysterious, you lead your listener into the song. Vocal has a lot of empathy, character and really helps to sell it. Always a good idea to have such a universal title/hook which can help make it fit into a variety of media uses. Your arrangement sense is very tasteful and effective and supports the song. Pre chorus is dynamic and intense but could possibly build a bit more melodically to the chorus. The chorus is great but could really soar with just a bit more melodic build, if you really want to maximize your hook. It may not need a lot. The ear seems to want to have something extra underneath.Lyric starts off with an interesting idea. Rhyme scheme works well in your hook like it should. You have a good use of rhyme. You might want to steer concept towards the idea of a positive legacy- in a few choice words, which you seem to do- but if you emphasized this a bit more- it may be a more easy sell. (FYI-It's very helpful to post your lyric - when asking for a critique...) "In silence we dream of what we could be"- perhaps a more visual word than silence would paint the picture more. (in darkness? Etc..) "Your footprints, impressions left behind"- good use of visual lyrics.

Quote From Pro: Anthem-like, melodic track has a heroic, mysterious feel.

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