no shade on the dance floor by BoRock


Broadjam Artist: BoRock
Song: no shade on the dance floor

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Robert Dellaposta (Writer, A&R, Publisher)

Pro General Comments: Always type up the lyric so the evaluator can read while they are listening...the lyric went by so fast it was hard to hear...The beat was very cool except i thought the synth part was too loud during the hook...I'd lower it a touch so it's not competing with the lyric and you...what i could make out sounded clean and positive...I didn't hear any curse words or expletives which are a no no for major network television and movies for kids etc...Your delivery was exciting and interesting...nice rhythmic changes kept me listening...unpredictable and cool...the arrangement except for the synth part being too loud was excellent...drums sounded crisp...Overall I enjoyed this and i would listen again which is a good sign. If you do an explicit hip hop make sure you always have a clean version for movies and television as well as for music libraries and music placement companies...Always keep the individual stem files (wave files) and keep a mixed down instrumental without rap or'll make twice as much money...this shows a lot of talent and i'd be interested in hearing more. The hot thing these days is sports hip hop about winning, achieving, striving, success that can be used for ESPN to Fox movies and TV...good meter and phrasing and overall great arrangement...

Quote From Pro: I would not be surprised to hear that Bo Rock has been signed to a record deal or that one of his songs has been placed in a major movie or television show. He has the skill and talent to succeed if he keeps working hard and doesn't give up...

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