Cowboy by RandBpro


Broadjam Artist: RandBpro
Song: Cowboy

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Chris Keaton (Music Publisher, Artist Manager, Song Plugger)

Pro General Comments: To be brutally honest, I must admit at first I felt this was really close the the Eagles' song "Desperado". In fact, the thought hit me that it was merely a rewrite. However, as the song moved forward I changed my mind and thoroughly enjoyed the message and felt the idea was wholly original. ( I apologize for my initial incorrect impression.)The instrumental track is exceptional and the musical arrangement fits the mood of the piece. Lush. Full sounding. The recording is clean and nearly transparent. By that I mean that with my eyes closed, I felt I was in the same room as the piano, the strings, the guitar and the vocalist. The stereo placement helped with this, as well. Bravo! I am very impressed. Additionally, the recording techniques employed truly support the intimate and personal nature of the lyric and melody.The vocalist has exceptional pitch! The unique timbre of his voice and the reverb used on the voice is (in my opinion) just right. (Most times I am annoyed by longer reverb but it works incredibly well here.)I agree that this song would be a great fit for any western tv show or film. Maybe even a closing theme.I am not familiar with the show or the theme but I feel this song is well written and the recording is well produced.I get the impression the writer spent some time with the storyline. The lyric paints a truly intimate picture and brings visual images to the listener.

Quote From Pro: "Cowboy" really takes me on a marvelous with the memorable melody and lyric.

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