Somebody’s Child by Mary P. Carter

Mary P. Carter

Broadjam Artist: Mary P. Carter
Song: Somebody's Child

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Robert Dellaposta (Writer, A&R, Publisher)

Pro General Comments: Mary,This is a well written song. I'm not hearing it as a radio friendly song that a Contemporary artist would record for radio airplay. I'm hearing it as more of a social awareness type song that would be used in a documentary or public service commercial about teen suicide. It definitely gets the message across. Finding the right person to send the song to will be the biggest problem. I haven't seen any leads for a song about teen suicide or bullying. I love the melody and arrangement. Very interesting chord progression. The simplicity of the guitar/vocal is all you need to pitch this type of song. It's heartfelt and honest. This shows you have talent both as a lyric writer and as a melody writer. Good job...keep in mind that songs like this very rarely make the writer or artist any money. Proceeds from social awareness songs are almost always donated to the cause itself. The only thing i would change about the song is the tempo...a slightly slower tempo would add to the emotion in my opinion. Everything else is good to go and i really hope that the song gets heard and considered.

Quote From Pro: Mary Carter has both the heart of a poet and the gift of writing emotional and heartfelt melodies. Combined they make her a complete songwriter.