Unassuming Light by Trinity


Broadjam Artist: Trinity
Song: Unassuming Light

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Martin Blasick (Songwriter, Producer)

Pro General Comments: Think about the middle eight. It has a similar melodic flow as the verse. Consider playing around with it to differentiate the sections. The hook is the tag at the end. It's pleasant. But it's not like "I Can't Drive 55" by Sammy Hagar where it really caps off the verse. But you made it work because the lyric and melody fit the mellowness. So, to give that hook room to leave its strongest impression, it'd be nice to differentiate that middle 8, so it's not muddled. Consider jumping in a beat or two earlier, or later or higher or lower, something different. The intro could be 4 more bars in this case. There's room for as much or as little background vocals as you are feeling. But the lead vocal is the story. Support it with love ( and production choices). Try mixing with drums, bass and lead vocal and the drizzling in the rest so they don't overpower. Accentuate the awesome that is already there.

Quote From Pro: There's a magical quotient that's undeniable.

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