Night Thoughts by Trinity


Broadjam Artist: Trinity
Song: Night Thoughts

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Martin Blasick (Songwriter, Producer)

Pro General Comments: It's an epic at 7 minutes! To make that play consider an arrangement that evolves as the song progresses. There's quite a bit of Verse/Chorus to get through to get to that instrumental for a little break. It can be done. Something amazing should pull us through each new section to feel the wonder and magic I know you want to share. There's an echo-y quality that is too much in places. The key it to have it just the right amount. Some of the rhythmic elements are bumping into each other way that goes against the groove. The shaker has a cool effect on it. But somehow it doesn't sit with the groove. Really detail each element for a groove that is awesome and beyond.The kick pattern doesn't gel with the track imho. Maybe have the bass lock in with it? Or change the kick to a less busy pattern.

Quote From Pro: An intimate trip through the heart and mind of a dreamy chanteuse

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