Cafe Valny by James Neilson Graham

James Neilson Graham

Broadjam Artist: James Neilson Graham
Song: Cafe Valny

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Robert Dellaposta (Writer, A&R, Publisher)

Pro General Comments: This is a very quirky and interesting song. As a publisher I can't think of another artist to pitch it to so that leaves it in the 'unique" category where you are most likely going to be the artist performing this song both live and to the internet. My impression is the singer is lonely and sad and only feels peace when he is in Cafe Valny. It's deeper than just the cafe's coffee and soup in my opinion. All three of your songs reminded me of different singers. This particular song has the bluesy retro sound of Leon Redbone. This song also reminded me of music I've heard watching a movie or TV scene taking place in France. Definitely has a European quality about it. There were a few iconic references that I did not understand and they might be confusing to others. The Buffy Saint-Marie reference was unpredictable and I have no clue as to what egilsstadir is. Is the singer an actual hobo or are you just describing his solitary lonely life? A hobo brings to mind an image of a man dressed in rags dirty unshaven and penniless. The arrangement was unpredictable. I wasn't expecting 6 verses and a 4 minute 33 second song. A music supervisor would most likely edit that down to fit the time of the scene. I would have preferred you only adding the humming part after the 3rd verse but that is subjective. The music was haunting and well crafted. I see the song was written 9 years ago. I assume you have written many more songs since you wrote Cafe Valny. I can hear this being used as background music in a movie or television would most likely be a period piece during the great depression or during world war I or II. Try pitching it to a music library or music placement company. Good luck with this and the other two songs. I hope my comments and suggestions were helpful.

Quote From Pro: James Neilson Graham has the talent to be a force in Folk/Americana. His retro poetic lyrics and beautifully crafted melodies are both interesting and unpredictable.

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