Whitstable Girl (1) by James Neilson Graham

James Neilson Graham

Broadjam Artist: James Neilson Graham
Song: Whitstable Girl (1)

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Robert Dellaposta (Writer, A&R, Publisher)

Pro General Comments: This evaluation is based on my first impressions on hearing the song. I was immediately taken back to my remembrance of hearing songs in movies based on WWI. Rudy Vallee came to mind. The songs subject matter fits in with a soldier saying goodbye to his sweetheart as he leaves to fight in the war. The vocabulary used fits in perfectly with this era in history. This song could have also worked for a British soldier saying goodbye to his sweetheart. Your lyric is poetic and true to the era. Halcyon, whistable, o'er and the spelling of rumour give me a sense of England along with Abbeville. The melodies are perfect for this type of folk song. Very strong authentic performance Ala Rudy Vallee. Very emotional and believable. The guitar playing was a little on the contemporary folk side but it was well done. This would be a good pitch to a music library or music placement company needing a WWI type song. I liked your choice of chords and the range of your melodies. This was very believable in my opinion. I can visualize this being sung in a cabaret in 1917.

Quote From Pro: James Neilson Graham has the heart and soul of a 19th century poet. His imagery and music were a time machine that took me back to 1917 and WWI. His vocal and lyric were authentic to the time period.

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