Lock and Key by Joe McGowan Music

Joe McGowan Music

Broadjam Artist: Joe McGowan Music
Song: Lock and Key

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Chris Keaton (Music Publisher, Artist Manager, Song Plugger)

Pro General Comments: Don't fix the lock if the lock ain't broke, indeed. If the song ain't broke, don't fix it. That's my feeling here.The ominous intro pattern of the strings and piano pulls the listener into the song. Mesmerizing and intriguing.(Is this a 6/8 and 8/8 pattern?) Whatever it is it really works!The lead vocals seem to carry on a intimate conversation which we have been invited to hear. I really love this approach.Both lead vocals sound professional and truly emote. The lyric is not only being delivered it is BEING BREATHED BY THE SINGERS!!! It really sounds authentic and true. So many songs I hear these days sound as if the vocals are being "phoned in" but this is not the case with this production. It's real and true!The arrangement brings ups and downs and turns and twists with the dynamics offered throughout.As I listen the second and third times to the song, I wonder why this is not on the radio yet!Joe, you have done a marvelous job here. Great song, lyric, melody, instrumental track and an exceptional performance in the recording. BRAVO!!!

Quote From Pro: In my professional opinion, the only thing this song needs is a release date!

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