Unassuming Light by Trinity


Broadjam Artist: Trinity
Song: Unassuming Light

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
John Anderson (Publisher)

Pro General Comments: Hello Trinity, apologies for taking a bit long to complete your review. I've listened to Unassuming Light many times now, and it is a track that really grows on you. I very much like the intro. The first ten seconds is a captivating beginning to the song, and consists of a great hook. It reminds me of a lot of Miike Snow, who is an artist that I am extremely fond of. The versus also include a solid melody that immensely pulls you into the song. The chorus isn't exactly defined, yet, it blends well with the song and works. My efforts are focused on Film and TV music placement.I feel that once the song is a finished and completed recording, it will appeal to the Licensing Community at large. Programs such as "This Is Us", and "The Good Doctor" are suitable examples of projects that I would present to the Music Supervisors.

Quote From Pro: Trinity's "Unassuming Light" is a well built demo that has a significant potential to appeal to a wide audience. Bringing in live musicians and a more strong vocalist will better the song substantially. Very well done.

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