Weightless [Radio Version] by Rich Aveo

Rich Aveo

Broadjam Artist: Rich Aveo
Song: Weightless [Radio Version]

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Cortez Farris (Producer and Engineer)

Pro General Comments: Good mixLive drums could hav added an element of excitementVocal melody and tone is excellentI like the theme of the song. Great subject . Nice to hear something positive for a change.Lyrics are great.verse 1 I feel like im a little bored . It could be the vocal melody or something in the track that could bring just a touch of excitment to the verse. sometimestaking away an inst. is like adding soemthing to the track.Rich, its all about attention span of the listener. nowadays people have very short attention spans so if you do get their attention within the verse few secs of the track you will lose their interest.Hook is very well sung the vocal backgrounds are placed very well.Good overall mix. I would have like to hear a maybe some live drums incorperated Hi Hats maybe need to be blended just a bit.Yes I defintley think this would be a great track for any commercial use for sure! Radio is we i hear this track pop radio any where you would hear Bruno Mars or Sam Smith music.very nice pre hook, this track has all the elements to be a hit song for sure.id be interested in knowing if you are pushing it to radio.and I would also like to hear more of your work.its also interesting to think about as a pop record but i also hear it as a country record with a little slide guitar and a fiddle...Pop/Country is hot right now.I really enjoyed listing and reviewing your track Rich.

Quote From Pro: This song is great inspiration for me and i'm sure will be an inspiration for anyone feeling down or uninspired!Bruno Mars lookout!!

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