Karma by StellaRising


Broadjam Artist: StellaRising
Song: Karma

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Robert Dellaposta (Writer, A&R, Publisher)

Pro General Comments: This is a hit song in my humble opinion. 5:05 is a little long for commercial radio but it's perfect for all the other formats. Karma is a simplistic generic hook but it's delivered with so much attitude it feels new. I'm very impressed with everything about this song. I listened intently from the first downbeat to the last note and was thoroughly entertained. You kept me interested. I want to hear this song again and again and i'm sure so will your followers. It would be on my playlist for sure. This song should open the door for you and your band to get in the door with major labels if that is your goal. This is an attention grabber. The first song I evaluated had mixing problems and I couldn't understand a lot of the lyrics. The 2nd song was much better and this one was killer. Get it out there and make some money...There is no way Crucial Music or any of the major music libraries would pass on this song. I'm excited for you. Keep up the good work.

Quote From Pro: Stella Rising's song "Karma" is a deal maker. This song won't just open doors it will kick them in. Impressive performances from everyone involved. The sky's the limit for Stella Rising!!!!

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