Situations Goin’ Nowhere by StellaRising


Broadjam Artist: StellaRising
Song: Situations Goin' Nowhere

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Robert Dellaposta (Writer, A&R, Publisher)

Pro General Comments: My only concern is the battle between the lyric being understood and the drums and guitar trying to drown out the vocal. In my opinion the drums and guitar eked out a victory. Just my opinion but the drums and guitar could come down a little in the mix or the vocal could be raised a little in the mix. There were spots in the verses where i couldn't quite make out what the singer was saying.The chorus is very strong and clear...Love the vocal pitch and attitude...very catchy and memorable music hooks and melodic lines. This is very commercial and your fans should love it. The overall mix feels and sounds like it was recorded live. If that's the effect you were going for you nailed it. Other than me not understanding some of the words I really think this is a strong commercial song. A music library or music placement company should have no problem placing this in a movie television show or commercial. Good luck with it. I hope my comments are helpful.

Quote From Pro: Stella Rising is on the verge of making a loud splash in the indie blues rock genre with great vocals interesting lyrics and great band instrumentalists. I would not be surprised to hear one of their songs in a movie television show or commercial in the very near future.

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