1,000 Excuses by StellaRising


Broadjam Artist: StellaRising
Song: 1,000 Excuses

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Robert Dellaposta (Writer, A&R, Publisher)

Pro General Comments: The only problem i have with the song period is that i couldn't make out what the singer was saying...the lyric isn't clear in the mix. I had asked Broad jam to contact you over a week ago to send lyrics with your submission but the lyrics never came. I'll focus on the other aspects of your song. If you want a detailed evaluation of the lyrics please send them to my3kidsmusic@comcast.net The quality of the vocal pitch was excellent as well as the meter and phrasing. The instrumentalists were excellent. Very strong performances from everyone involved in the production. Except for the clarity of the lyrics this song gets an A+...The instrumental alone is very pitchable to music libraries and music placement companies for movie and television feature and background use as well as instrumental beds for commercials. The lyric would have to be scene specific to be used...overall length of song is commercial and radio friendly.You guys and gals are definitely in the game and should be a successful indie band in this genre. Try adding some background vocals to the chorus to make it stand out a little more from the verses

Quote From Pro: I would not be surprised to see a Stella Rising song being featured in a movie or television show or commercial in the near future. The quality of vocal and instrumental performances are very strong and competitive with the best.

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