20 Yards by Flightside


Broadjam Artist: Flightside
Song: 20 Yards

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Brian Rasner (Music Supervisor)

Pro General Comments: Hello and thank you for your submission. Really enjoyed this track, had my head bobbing. Theme wise and overall concept is a home run. I love the throwback intro, really gave it a some tension and anticipation, Getting right into it helps a lot especially in an instant gratification era and you deliver. I sort of sense you are holding back a little on the the vocals..they are good be bold be brash, own it and the inspiration that made you write this song!! Definitely do not leave out the vocals! Perhaps re-record them..the part where you sing "please please please" this..this urgency this angst is what I want to hear more of! Think of Robert Smith of the Cure...how his voice is an instrument..he belts things out high, low, soft yells screams, whispers..I want to hear this in you.

Quote From Pro: Flightside's'20 Yard's had me at the intro, swept me away into a head bobbin sway that would make the Turtles happy together!

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