Broadjam Artist: BFATAL

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Dave Hampton (Audio Engineer, Music Technologist, Producer)

Pro General Comments: This music sounds like some generalized mood music. I didn't get the R&B connection. It never goes any definitive place. Similar to what's called generic sound alike. I also know that when string sounds and flute sounds are used as main stays or constantly thru a production they often work very much like a "tell" in poker. In other words the use of these sounds can often que the listener as to a repetitive pattern in the writing style. That means that I can tell the parts of the song that you were sure of. Also using sounds with slow attacks often signifies that your playing or musicianship is not at a fluent level that you can improvise and use other sounds and styles of notes to create transition in a song. Sonically the blend of the instruments is ok in places but use of delay on a guitar is not transition. Piano sound is import an as well as the use of the sustain pedal. The pureness of a piano note is emphasized by holding it and letting it decay into the next cycle. Short stabs and piano notes make it sound like strikes on a toy piano.Also on the Drums several times they go low in the mix they the sons sounding like a fade but not really. Please on drums and instrumentals it helps to close your eyes and imagine that the band is in front of you then create and choose the proper pans sonically for each drum sound. All sound is not stereo L,R in the same place. When you place guitars and flutes do the same. It helps the listener hear the blend as if it were actually being played . Just because it's canned doesn't mean that you don't have to do a little extra to bring them to life.On the use of effects. Make sure that your reverb times and delay times do not conflict. The distortion guitar and the flute seem to switch places as lead vocal types in this song. The Rock sound is great and the pure tone of the flute is just as powerful, great choices. They are also helped by building an overall ambience for them to set in with the drums and effects.Also listen to fusion artist Jean Luc Ponty I find this reminds me of some of his blends of sounds.Please remember these are production observations from an engineer. If they sound harsh please read my other reviews and also listen to the song as you read my comments.

Quote From Pro: "Great contemplative themes for relaxing and reading or just trying to slow down and chill. Not too complicated as to make you fell assaulted by sounds, notes and confusion but instead a collective direction from and to the same place. Completeness!"

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