Broadjam Artist: MGB

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Doug Diamond (Music Supervisor, Engineer, Producer, Composer )

Pro General Comments: Hi MGB -Thanks for letting me know about your song, "Answer Man". I enjoyed listening to it. The lyrics, to me are the thing that stand out as one of the best things about this song. They have a 70s feel and sound to me - reminding me of some great 1970's artists who are still fun to listen to today.My first reaction in listening to this song - I'll be honest - the lead vocal stood out to me because I felt like they might not be polished enough... perhaps even slightly nasal-y... but on pitch and close enough in the pocket rhythmically to fit ok. When listening to this song multiple times though, I now think that the vocal fits really well and am not sure I'd change it at all (that was going to be my initial recommendation). I think it does work fine though.I get the feeling that you as an artist and singer (if that is you singing) don't necessarily fit into certain musical pigeonholes, which means a smaller, more dedicated audience generally, but leaves you more creative freedom to be yourself - which is really great. Keep doing what you're doing.I do like the overall production value of the song. I think it works well. I enjoyed the guitar work in particular, so nice job there. Your mix is pretty good and sort of fits the 70s sound and feel if you were going for that. As a mixer, I would probably bring the drums up just slightly overall, but that's not a huge deal I don't think. The lead vocals are out front, which is what you want. The guitars are balanced well and the BGVs are really cool, so nice job there too!The only thing I can really give you a tip on is, in my opinion, your artist name is completely forgettable. I'm not sure if "MGB" are your initials or what exactly, but I'd use my full name if that's the case. People won't remember initials, or they will remember them wrong.Also, I couldn't find any information about you on the web after doing a search, so you should establish more of a web presence when possible. Those would be the first things I would address if I were you. Web presence... a website, social media, etc., but think about using your full name if it's just you as the artist. If you're a band, then choose a band name. That's my 2-cents... hopefully it helps.

Quote From Pro: "Answer Man" is a really thoughtful 70s-type rocker with really good lyrics and performances, as well as professional production. I could definitely see it fitting into the 'perfect place' in a film, television or web series.

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