My Unsung Hero by DeDe WedeKind

DeDe WedeKind

Broadjam Artist: DeDe WedeKind
Song: My Unsung Hero

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Chris Keaton (Music Publisher, Artist Manager, Song Plugger)

Pro General Comments: What man wouldn't want to hear his woman sing this (or say this) to him. This is a marvelous message and the underlying current of undying love really comes through.The intro is just right...short and sweet but really sets up the first verse. The lyric in the first verse is easily accessible and wondering what the lyric means (and in my humble opinion, this is the essence of a GREAT country song!). The track is understated and clean. The performances of the musicians are just right for the overplaying or competing for attention. The vocal is clear, in tune, in time and delightful sonically. The voice makes me want to hear more. I really love the sound of this recording. If I were to make one suggestion, it would be that the song could use a modulation at the end, just to add to the dramatic flair. That being said, from a demo perspective, this is perfect to pitch to artists, labels, publishers or producers.

Quote From Pro: DeDe has found a unique, original and clever way to say what every loved one wants to hear.

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