Dream of You By DeDe by DeDe WedeKind

DeDe WedeKind

Broadjam Artist: DeDe WedeKind
Song: Dream of You By DeDe

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Chris Keaton (Music Publisher, Artist Manager, Song Plugger)

Pro General Comments: Wow. What a nice change. A song that really works...stands on it's own and takes the listener on a sonic journey to another place and time. The track sounds wonderful and lush without being overbearing or "too much". The instrumentation is just right to lift and support the lead and backing vocals. The lead vocal is beautiful. On pitch, in time and an incredibly pleasing timbre. I am very impressed with the vocal performance, not just the lead but also the backing vocals. It is quite obvious you are a pro and know what you want from the studio! I am very impressed by this song!

Quote From Pro: DeDe is an exceptionally talented singer songwriter. If you haven't heard of her, don't worry, you will very soon!Chris Keaton

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