FREE by Susan Odella

Susan Odella

Broadjam Artist: Susan Odella
Song: FREE

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Robert Dellaposta (Writer, A&R, Publisher)

Pro General Comments: Hi Susan, I'm hearing this as a possible pitch to movie and television opportunities.It shows a contentment and an acceptance of who you are and could serve as an encouragement to others to love themselves for who they are and not as others see them.4:26 is a too long for today's commercial pop radio. Try to keep your commercial length to under 4 minutes if you want radio airplay. The flip side of that is 4:26 is fine for music libraries and music placement companies. I understand that this is a demo and you're thinking of having it produced in a top line studio with a professional vocalist. That of course will make a big difference in the broadcast quality. In this section of your evaluation i want to concentrate on your song lyrics and music. Lyrically you should always ask yourself "Is this a unique perspective" Am I saying something new and original? If you're not then you are running the risk of being lumped together with tens of thousands of good songs about being me and being free. If you are writing for movies and television then your odds improve with production but if you are writing for another artist to record your song then it becomes important to challenge yourself not to settle for what's already been said and dare to be different and say what hasn't been said...Be careful not to use one vowel as a repeated rhyme too many times...Your use of E rhymes in verse 1 and the use of key words from your hook might water down the hooks impact in your chorus...just something to think about...the lyric isn't all that important if the song is being used as background music in a television show or movie but regardless i want you to be as original and creative lyrically as you can...use more imagery...paint more detailed and colorful word pictures. Think three minute more...You have a great sense of internal rhyme and meter...musically this is very safe...easy to's familiar phrasing and chord pattern will make it easy to sing and remember...keep in mind this is OK for movies and television but these days most artists also write songs. You'll need to compose melodies that they will wish they had written. Take a little more freedom to expand your range which will make your melodic lines more interesting...predictable can sometimes be too safe in commercial radio pop...dare to be different and take a few more chances musically and lyrically...

Quote From Pro: Susan Odella is a talented songwriter who in my opinion will have an impact in both commercial pop and music for movies and television.

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