Possibilities by Dave Schnur

Dave  Schnur

Broadjam Artist: Dave Schnur
Song: Possibilities

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Doug Diamond (Music Supervisor, Engineer, Producer, Composer )

Pro General Comments: Hey Dave -I think "Possibilities" is a very good song and puts me in-mind of some other really great classic rock type songs like older Genesis, or maybe Dire Straits, and others. Excellent guitar work on this song and the production value on the track overall is very high. Nice job. Good vocals throughout and a good feeling / vibe too. On this song, I think your vocals work fine and seems to be more within your range and possibly more "you" (versus my comments about the vocals on "Lipstick Lies").I think the verses are very thoughtful and conjure up good word-pictures lyrically - really throughout the whole song. Some of the loose rhymes are a little distracting when you're expecting to hear a rhyme, but overall I think you have to know the rules to break the rules and you do a good job. The chorus is also very nice (melodically). It's simple, but it really should be for a song like this it does have a sort of soaring effect to it which I really like!The song is fairly long, so I'd consider having a shorter edit of it available if a music supervisor or someone else asks (as well as an instrumental). When the guitar solo and instrumental section that starts after the final chorus at 3:47 kicks in and runs for two-minutes - when it's done I actually *want* to hear you go back to the chorus again... that would make the song REALLY long though. Maybe that's a suggestion for the live version. :)This song is very synch-able too in my opinion and would fit perfectly in the right place in a TV show or film.Thanks again and good work my friend!Doug

Quote From Pro: "Possibilities" is a very thoughtful and soaring melodic Classic Rock sounding track with strong songwriting, excellent performances and a high production value!

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