All Inclusive by Dwayne Ferris

Dwayne Ferris

Broadjam Artist: Dwayne Ferris
Song: All Inclusive

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Robert Dellaposta (Writer, A&R, Publisher)

Pro General Comments: Hi Dwayne, I'm a big western swing fan and i enjoyed listening to your song...The arrangement was unpredictable and didn't follow standard verse/verse/bridge/verse form/structure which kept me interested...the hook was used at the end of your chorus section which sounded to me like a hybrid bridge/chorus...the guitar was a little too busy throughout the verses which was a little distracting after awhile...sometimes less is more...allow the lyrics to carry the verse and don't ad-lib as much...I liked your use of imagery and action...there's room for a lot more details in this song...your vocal was authentic and believable for the have a good sense of meter and phrasing...the story line moves along well and each verse advances the only concern is you are using a lot of E rhymes throughout the song which tended to become predictable...avoid over using any one rhyming vowel if far as commercial uses this genre has limits.The artists in this genre almost always write their own songs to record and release and perform live. Commercial radio doesn't play western swing unless it's a golden oldie or standard and even then its limited to only a few Texas stations or regional stations. The best place to promote your music is on the, CD baby, i-tunes etc...performing live is always a great option for selling CD's and getting performance royalties. These types of songs are often used as background music for TV and movies as well as being used in commercials...this arrangement gives off a live feel which would work in a scene with a band on's not as slick or polished as major western swing releases but that's captured a retro sound which is true to the always have the option to add a fiddle to the band...I hope my comments and suggestions are helpful. This song should fit some of the country leads posted on Broad jam. I'd also pitch it to other music libraries and music placement companies.Good luck with your songwriting and singing career...

Quote From Pro: Dwayne Ferris has the soul of a Texas Troubadour in the spirit of Bob Wills...his retro arrangement of All Inclusive is humorous and entertaining and should fill the dance floor of any Texas Honky-Tonk.

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